Profit Accelerator Mentorship

Many people start business to generate extra income to provide for the lifestyle they dream about. Unfortunately, many end up trapped by the same business that is supposed to give them the liberty to spend their time and money as they wish.  After working with small and growing business owners for over 20 years, we keep evolving to align with the business owners dynamic needs and demands without all the technical boring stuff.  Our programs are tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs because we understand different people learn in different ways and have different needs.  Check out our 3 profit acceleration programs to get your fit and if you do not please call +254707112002 or email us at



If you have been thinking about starting a business but haven’t had the guts to start yet because you wish you had someone to support you in the process.  This business mentoring and coaching program is designed for you! It’s  a one on one program designed to help you gain a clear vision of you what you should do to start a profitable business. It is a practical hands on mentorship to work on your passion or idea in 6 sessions over a 90 day period. Duration is dependent on participants speed in finishing action steps required. During our time together you will be working on your business and getting real time support and feedback from your business mentoring coach and our community of founders and leave with the skills and tools you need to build a thriving business.  The sessions are one on one on video with unlimited access to a business mentoring coach.


Maybe you have been in business for a a year or two but you feel that your efforts and rewards do not match because you are working so hard and getting very little or no profit. This is a profit acceleration group mentoring an coaching program to support participants to get all the clients they can handle to generate the cash they need to build a thriving business. It starts with a profit assessment which gives the participant a personal road map and weekly elessons that take no more than an hour from the comfort of your preferred space and time. Participants have access to a dedicated Business mentoring coach, 3rd party consultants and a private online portal for members only.  ALL for one low monthly fee.


Your business is growing, you are making money but you feel there is more!  You want to influence and impact your team and generations to come.  Ascend your profit works with the Founder and her/his team to align outcomes with legacy building objectives resulting in a fun results oriented environment.

Business doesn’t have to be hard and boring.  At PassionProfit we belive FUNctional Founders have FUN with their teams while transforming the world with their services.