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CDs and DVDs specially packaged to empower you as a business owner and entrepreneur


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Get strategies on:

  1. How and when to forge partnerships
  2. How to engage investors
  3. What to do when a partnership goes sour
  4. Why it’s necessary to get legal counsel
  5. Why you need a strategy when you need Scale-Up
Profitable Partners And How To Form Them
Price: Kshs 1,000/-

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Get skills, tools and strategies on money management.

  1. How to make it
  2. How to manage it
  3. How to get it from banks or investors
  4. Debt management solutions
Money Talk
Price: Kshs 1,000/-

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Get skills, tools and strategies on how to thrive as a Chama or Investment Group!

A Guided Conversation On How To Thrive As A Chama
Price: Kshs 1,000/-

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  1. Discover how to create opportunities to supply government
  2. Opportunities in the 2015-2016 budget at county and national level
  3. Eligibility requirements for doing business
  4. Where to find tenders
  5. Tendering Myths busted
  6. Get your questions answered
Accessing Government Procurement Opportunities
Price: Kshs 1,000/-

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  1. Discover the importance of becoming a “shortcode” in people’s mind
  2. Discover the attributes of the best sales person by spelling the acronym K.A.S.H
  3. Importance of having a Sales Pipeline and the steps to follow
  4. How to profile your clients using the acronym M.A.N
  5. The importance of having an After Sales Strategy of retaining your clients
How To Attract, Convert And Retain High Paying Clients
Price: Kshs 1,000/-

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Audio CDs

Networking is more than passing out business cards at event and waiting for your phone to ring. It is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions; specifically for the cultivation of productive relationships. This series will help you develop the right mindset develop a PGP strategy that will make you an effective networker. It also outlines the tools you need in your networking toolkit to give you the results you are looking for.

Build Your Network And Grow Your Network
Price: Kshs 500/-

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Turning your passion into profit is a process that requires time, patience and diligence to a set of steps. It is not an overnight process nor a get rich quick scheme. In this CD Frida shares with you 5 steps that you can apply to any passion and turn it into profit. It covers, the importance of clarity and how to gain it, taking action, the three fundamentals of achieving success in this process, strategies to handle fear and how to embrace patience and perseverance, in order to stick with the process till the profit goal.

5 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Profit
Price: Kshs 500/-

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