Introducing our Money Making Dynamics video series!

If you worry about money, run out of money or always wish you had more money to do the things you love and enjoy, then join me for this practical online training on Money Making Dynamics and discover the 5 Dynamics that will get you making money over and over again! I will share with you...

  • ​​​​How your Moneyttitude is serving or sabotaging you
  • The 3 Money Pipelines & Pitfalls and how to get more money flowing towards you
  • Money infusion strategies for raising money to start or grow a money making business
  • How to create a Money Manifesto that will serve your dreams & desires
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    Your Money Making Vehicle - which ideas or passions can make you money consistently

These videos are loaded with insights to steer you aright on your money making path.

Here's a list of all five training videos for immediate access after purchase of one or all five videos. Click each Module for information and purchase.

Frida Owinga




About Frida Owinga

With over 25 years experience and education in service related industries as well as exposure working with businesses in USA, Africa, UK and Japan, Founder, Frida A. Owinga has developed strategies and processes that are simple, practical and applicable to help our clients to generate consistent income out of their passion so that they can integrate life and work for an enjoyable lifestyle!

Book a FREE 20 minute business breakthrough session with Frida Owinga and she will work with you to create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business breakthrough and the perfect lifestyle you would like your business to provide.

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