Can your Passion really turn into Profit?

If you have been wondering how to turn your passion into profit or even how to turn an idea into a money making business, then you are have arrived in the right place.

A day doesn’t go by, without someone stopping by in one of our spaces to find out how to turn their passion into profit and needs help to do so.

Here is a short VIDEO of some of our clients and SOME MORE INFORMATION ON OUR SERVICES.

PassionProfit is a decision our Founder made in 2010 after receiving so many CVs from people with and without jobs who wanted her to employ them and it struck her that the problem was not lack of jobs but lack of meaningful jobs.  These CV Holders had jobs!

Well that was then.  Since 2010 we have worked with thousands of individuals to help them figure out how to create meaningful work that will provide for the lifestyle they dream about.  Here we describe WORK as a gainful means of generating income to create the lifestyle you desire. 

Instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself  why not trust us to help you discover what your passion is and how you can package it into products and services and turn it into profit. We believe that everyone is here for a PURPOSE and that PASSION is the fuel that drives that PURPOSE into PROFIT!

Our Business Mentoring Coaches have over 55 years combined experience and education in service related industries as well as exposure working with businesses in USA, Africa, UK and Japan, our Founder, Frida A. Owinga has developed  strategies and processes that are simple, practical and applicable to help our clients to generate consistent income out of their passion so that they can integrate life and work for enjoyable living.

Our Signature program is the Profit Accelerator a business growth  program which provides coaching and mentorship using a blend of our turnkey e-learning system and sessions with a BMC  to support the growth of profitable businesses. You can experience our sessions at Founders Day held every Thursday at 8:30am to 9:30am  and gain insights and strategies to help you turn your passion into profit no matter the stage or style of your business.  The event is FREE but registration is required via this link

We love hearing from you and ask that you send an email to with your questions.

If you Believe YOU CAN, yes you can and we CAN SUPPORT YOU!