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    About Company

    We believe that everyone is here for a PURPOSE and that PASSION is the fuel that drives that PURPOSE into PROFIT!

    At PassionProfit we help people turn their passion and proficiency into reliable recurring revenue by turning their passion into profit.

    Here we help you integrate life and work so that you can thrive and no longer just survive. This way we can create meaningful work for the business owners and create decent and sustainable jobs for our communities.


    Company Starting.

    In 2010 after receiving so many CVs from people with and without jobs who wanted her to employ them, it struck her that the problem was not lack of jobs but lack of meaningful work for the job seekers. We have worked with thousands of individuals to help them figure out how to create meaningful work that will provide for the lifestyle they dream about while creating jobs for their communities.

    Founders Conversation

    Every Thursday since 2015 we have held Founders Conversations for small and growing businesses to deliver insights and strategies to build thriving businesses. The event is FREE but registration is required. Contact us on +254 707 112 002 or by sending an email to

    Launched Founders Profit Academy

    Many people start a business to generate extra income to provide for the lifestyle they dream about. Unfortunately, many end up trapped with little time and no money to spend. At Founders Profit Academy we align with the business owners' dynamic needs and demands to deliver practical and easily applicable strategies to build resilient and thriving businesses Our programs are tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs and season because we understand different people learn in different ways and have different needs.