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    Our Approach

    We provide learning and development insights and strategies designed to support entrepreneurs in 5 key focus areas: Creation of Cash, Creation of stability, Creation of Efficiency, Creation of Transformation and Creation of Permanence.

    We describe WORK as a gainful means of generating income to create the lifestyle you desire. Your business should make your life better not destroy it so that you can create jobs for others.

    Instead of figuring it all out by yourself why not trust us to help you discover what your passion is and how you can package it into products and services that will turn into profit? We believe that everyone is here for a PURPOSE and that PASSION is the fuel that drives that PURPOSE into PROFIT!

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    Creation of Cash

    Get to a company sales performance level that can support your personal comfort, attract and convert enough quality prospects into clients to support your needed sales, by fully delivering on your commitment to your clients as they fully deliver on their commitment to you.

    What our Client Says

    Our Company

    Many people start business to generate extra income to provide for the lifestyle they dream about. Unfortunately, many end up trapped with little time and no money to spend.
    After working with small and growing business owners for combined 20 years plus, we keep evolving to align with the business owners dynamic needs and demands without all the technical boring stuff. Our programs are tailored to meet an individual's specific needs because we understand different people learn in different ways and have different needs.

    General Questions

    • Are you really enjoying the benefits of being your own Boss?
      At Founders Academy, you can get insights and proven strategies to make Being your Own Boss a reality.
    • Many people started a business to make more money, enjoy more time and freedom but is that your reality as a Founder?
      As Founders ourselves, we understand the limited resources a Founder has and the programs here are AFFORDABLE and easily applicable to any stage business with LITTLE TIME commitment.