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Among the many challenges an SME grapples with, is the competition dilemma. No matter the business you start you are likely to encounter competition sooner or later. Competition is not your enemy.  Having a clear understanding of your target audience and the market size can help calm your anxiety.  But because most SMEs do not […]

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Most SMEs do not measure how they are doing because in most cases they do not know what to measure. Having a strategy helps you to understand how your company is doing. A good strategy can inform the following areas and help you perform better as an organization by guiding the actions you take and […]

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Welcome to October! We just had Thrive October Edition with Prof Bitange Ndemo and it was amazing! If you have never attended Thrive, you should make a point to do so before the year runs out. It is the monthly business mentoring and networking forum of PassionProfit. This Month Prof. Bitange shared on Innovation Strategies […]

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